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What is Harmony?

Harmony is a component based, customizable headset system that allows you to use your favorite set of headphones with a specific application. The Harmony system can be updated, expanded, and reconfigured without the need to repurchase major components. This is achieved by breaking up the headset into 3 basic, universally interchangeable components:

      1. A Microphone Boom
      2. A Headset Cable
      3. An Application Cable

          The Microphone Boom

          The Microphone Boom utilizes a high quality noise canceling microphone element. The entire microphone assembly can be swiveled 360 degrees and is fully detachable from the Headset Cable.  A rubber o-ring provides friction to hold the boom in place and is also replaceable.


          • High Quality Noise Canceling microphone element for loud and clear communications
          • Slim 2.7mm diameter flexible boom (59% smaller than the UFM)
          • 360 degrees of swivel utilizing a gold plated MCX connector
          • Compatible with all Headphone Cables and all Application Cables



          The Headphone Cable

          The Headphone Cable is specifically designed to fit a single make and model of headphones. Conforming to the exact shape and size of the headphones, the Headphone cable will fit precisely and hold securely.  New headphones cables will be added regularly, continuously expanding the list of supported headphones.



          • Inline, one button remote, switchable between cell phone and push-to-talk functionality
          • Quality high density plastic for added durability and long life
          • Minimalist housing to reduce size and weight
          • Pro audio quality 3.2mm (1/8") mini microphone cable (57% smaller than the UFM)
          • LEMO Push-Pull connector securely locks the Headset Cable to the Application Cable
          • Compatible with all Application Cables



          The Application Cables

          The Application Cable is designed to work at optimal performance with a particular make, model and/or type of device.  The Application Cable can quickly and easily be swapped out to use the same Headset Cable and Microphone Boom for different applications.  All Application Cables are built to the smallest size possible making it easy to keep with you on the go.

          New Application Cables will be added to the lineup over time.  At launch, we have three of the most commonly requested Application Cable to choose from:



            Designed to work with all high-impedance communication panels.  Available with most modern aircraft connector styles.

            • 2-Plug (aka Boeing)
            • XLR-5 (aka Airbus)
            • U-174/U (aka Helo or Military)
            • LEMO (aka Bose)
            • NeutriCON


              • Independent left ear & right ear volume controls.
              • Compatible with both Mono and Stereo communication panels.
              • Thumbwheel microphone gain control makes it quick and easy to set the sensitivity of the microphone.
              • Auxiliary Input/Output Jack allows for an external audio device to be attached directly to the headset.
              • Microphone Routing Switch changes the output of the microphone between the aircraft to the attached device.


              Smart Phone

              Application Cable for attaching the Harmony Headset to a smart phone.  Compatible with most modern smart phones.


              • Plug is wired using the CTIA / AHJ standard common to most smart phones
              • OMTP wiring standard is available upon request



              Connect your Harmony Headset to your Mac or PCs via the USB Port.


              • Plug and Play, no software installation necessary
              • Software driven, use your computers built in microphone and audio output controls