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TSO Process

As required by the FAA, UFlyMike must have all components of the TSO setup in our shop to test as a complete headset.  After passing testing, each component will be labeled and a final TSO Model# will be added to headset.  Any headset lacking the TSO Model# has not been tested by UFlyMike and is not TSO certified.


UFM Models:

We are no longer selling new UFM A100T microphones.  However, we can still retroactively certify all UFMs made after October 8, 2008.  To check if your microphone is eligible, look at the label on the back of the microphone.  If the model starts with A100T, then your adapter can be certified as is.  If the model is A100, then the adapter can be certified, but will require a circuit board replacement.  Pro, Pro2 and Duo models cannot be certified.  If you are uncertain which model you have, please call us and we can check our records.

In order to TSO certify a UFM, you must have the following components:

  1. UFM model A100T or A100
  2. UM-1 Earbud (available new)
  3. Authentic Bose QuietComfort 2 or 15 headphone.

Harmony Models:

The Harmony Headset is not currently TSO certified.  However, we are planning on getting the QC25 version certified.  Please check the News page for the latest updates on the TSO certification.  Due to limitations in the QC15 and QC2, we will not be getting certification for these headphones.


Common Questions

Please read before sending in your headset.

How much does it cost to get my headset TSO certified?
It depends upon what you already own.  You will need to required components listed for the specific model above.  If you do not own a component, it will need to purchased before we can certify the headset.

If the unit is new or still covered under warranty, then there is no labor charge for the testing and certification.  If the unit is out of warranty, then there will be a $13 retrofit labor charge.

Will there by any additional charges?
All units will be fully tested.  If any parts are found to be broken, significantly damaged or malfunctioning, they will have to be replaced before we can certify the headset.  It is up to the discretion of UFlyMike whether or not a part will need to be replaced to meet the requirements of certification. If you do not want us to do any repairs on your retrofit please notify us beforehand.

If you TSO certify a previously owned headset, does it change the warranty?
No, TSO certification is simply a testing and labeling process, there is no effect on the product warranty. However, any parts that were required to be replaced in order to certify the headset will have a 90-day warranty on that part.

Will you just send me the labels?
No, our process is required by the FAA.  There is no way to circumvent any of it.  We will not make any exceptions!  If your headset has not been through the TSO Process at our shop, your headset is not TSO certified and is not legal for use at any airline requiring the use of TSO certified headsets.


Getting a headset TSO Certified

Now that you have verified that your headset is eligible and you have read all the common questions above, how do you get your headset TSO certified?

1. Send your headphones and all previously owned UFlyMike headset components to the following address:

UFlyMike LLC
attn: TSO Approval Process
14455 Roller Coaster Rd
Colorado Springs, CO 80921

2. Include in the shipment a note with your Name, Return Address, Contact Phone #, and email address (to send tracking information). Failure to provide any or all of this information may delay the return of your headset.

3. Provide payment.  We can do one of three things:

  1. Send us a check for the proper amount (we can assist you in calculating this).
  2. Call us beforehand and we will take your credit card information to run once completed.
  3. We can contact you after we receive the package for credit card information.