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Positioning the Microphone Boom UFMs


Proper postioning of the microphone in front of your mouth for optimal input volume and clarity.

Models Covered:

A100T (all cord sets)
A100 (all cord sets)

Tools Required:



The microphones used on all of our products are noise canceling. This means that the microphone is directional and must be positioned correctly in order to get the full pickup and performance. There are a couple of parameters that must be met for the microphone to function it's best.


1. The microphone is designed to be used 6mm (1/4") away from your mouth. If the microphone is farther than that, you will start losing volume.

2. Because the microphone is directional, if the boom has twisted it could easily start to cancel your own voice. To check that the microphone is pointed in the right direction, carefully remove the microphone windsock. On one side of the microphone will be written 'TALK', this side of the microphone should be pointed directly toward your mouth.

Notice the two "ears" that hold the windsock on are perpendicular to the 'TALK' side. These can easily be felt through the windsock and be used for microphone placement, the ears should be parallel to your mouth. Also, the flat portion on the microphone capsule just to the left of "TALK" can be seen while the windock is on. This flat section is aligned with the "TALK" side.