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About us

UFlyMike is a small family business run from our home in rural Colorado Springs since 2005.


In 1996, the founder of UFlyMike, Mike Lackey, retired from his career in the Air Force and began his second career at Southwest Airlines. Not satisfied with the available headsets on the market and realizing that aviation headsets were stuck in a 1960s design mentality, Mike began tinkering with converting consumer headphones to be used in the aircraft.

In 2003, when Bose introduced the QuietComfort 2 headphone, Mike found the perfect headphone to convert to an aviation headset. Only intending to use it as his own personal headset, he spliced together his company issue Plantronics T-30 microphone and the QC2 cord. Mike's new headset drew a lot of attention from his fellow pilots and after enough people expressed interest in purchasing one, Mike began developing the first UFlyMike.

In April 2005, with the help of Mike's wife Debbi, UFlyMike officially started business when it shipped the first "Pro" microphone.  In December 2006, Mike's son Brandon joined the business.