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UFM Repair Parts

Common repair parts for previous versions of UFlyMike microphones.  If the part you need is not listed, please call us at 719-531-7226 or send an email using the Contact tab.

Models in which parts are available:

  • Pro (Mar 2005 - Apr 2007)
  • Pro2 (Apr 2007 - Mar 2008)
  • Duo (Nov 2005 - Mar 2008)
  • UFM A100 (Mar 2008 - Oct 2008)
  • UFM A100T (Oct 2008 - Sep 2016)



It is highly recommended that only experienced technicians service UFlyMike headsets.  Tutorials of basic part replacement are available in the Tutorials section.

UFlyMike is not responsible for damage or loss when our product is repaired by a third party.  Proceed at your own risk.

TSO Certified headsets must be repaired by UFlyMike or a TSO authorized repair facility.  Self repair or repair by a non-certified facility voids the TSO certification.