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Harmony Ultimate Aviation Package
Harmony Ultimate Aviation Package Harmony Ultimate Aviation Package Harmony Ultimate Aviation Package

Harmony Ultimate Aviation Package

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All Harmony products are currently backordered and are expected to ship in about 12 weeks after the order is placed.

The Harmony Ultimate Package give you everything you need to get started using your headphones in the cockpit.  Plus, the Smart Phone Application Cable to work with your smart phone and Computer Application Cable to work with your computer.  This package also included many common accessories as well as a hard case to store your headphones, Harmony and accessories when not in use.

Note: The Harmony Ultimate Aviation Package does not include the headphones.  You must purchase those separately.  No modifications are required to the headphones, our microphone assembly simply plugs in.


  • Headphone Cable
  • Microphone Boom
  • Aviation Application Cable
  • Smart Phone Application Cable
  • Computer Application Cable
    • Headphone Case
    • Auxiliary Cable
    • Shirt Clip
    • Extra Windsocks (2-pack)


      A brief description of each of the components is found below.  For more specific information about any of the Harmony Components, please refer to the individual components product page.

      Headphone Cable

      The Harmony headphone cable for Bose® headphones are designed to precisely fit the the curvature of the headphone to provide a secure fit while in use.


      • Housing made from high quality over-molded plastic that is extremely rugged and durable.
      • Professional Audio quality mini microphone cable is both durable and flexible while still being lightweight.
      • Gold plated MCX connector used to attach the microphone swivel to the headphone cable.
      • Medical grade LEMO push-pull connector, locks in place to avoid accidental disconnects.
      • Integrated one button inline controller is switchable between cell phone style push button commands and radio style push-to-talk functionality.


      Microphone Boom

      Swivel Microphone Boom for the Harmony Headset System.  Available in multiple lengths to fit your specific needs.


      • High Quality Noise Canceling microphone element for clear communications
      • Slim 2.7mm diameter flexible microphone boom that is both light and sturdy
      • 360 degrees of swivel utilizing a gold plated MCX connector
      • Compatible with all Harmony Headphone Cables and Application Cables
      • Lengths:


      1. Standard, 5-1/8" (13cm) - for most headphones in the standard configuration
      2. Long, 6.25" (15.2cm) - for those who simply need a longer mic in the standard configuration
      3. Extra-Long, 7" (17.5cm) - for those who wish to wear the headphone backwards to change the mic side


      Aviation Application Cable

      Aviation Application Cable for the Harmony Headset System.  Designed to work with all high-impedance communication panels.

      Available aircraft connector styles:

      • 2-Plug (aka Boeing)
      • XLR-5 (aka Airbus)
      • U-174/U (aka Helo or Military)*
      • 6-pin LEMO (aka Bose)
      • 8-pin NeutriCON


      • Independent left ear & right ear volume controls.
      • Compatible with both Mono and Stereo communication panels.
      • Thumbwheel microphone gain control makes it quick and easy to set the sensitivity of the microphone.
      • Auxiliary Input/Output Jack allows for an external audio device to be attached directly to the headset.
      • Microphone Routing Switch changes the output of the microphone between the aircraft to the attached device.

      Smart Phone Application Cable

      Application Cable for attaching the Harmony Headset to a smart phone.  Compatible with most modern smart phones.


      • Plug is wired using the CTIA / AHJ standard common to most smart phones
      • OMTP wiring standard is available upon request
       **Due to the wide variety of devices on the market, we are unable to tell you which style you need.  If you are unsure, please check your device user's manual or contact the device manufacturer.**


      Computer Application Cable

      Connect your Harmony Headset to your Mac or PCs USB Port.


      • Plug and Play, no software installation necessary
      • Software driven, use your computers built in microphone and audio output controls


      Bose® and QuietComfort™ are trademarks of the Bose Corporation.  UFlyMike™ is unaffiliated.


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