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TSO Certification Update, July 2022

Posted by Brandon Lackey on

The TSO certification of our product is on hold.  Currently, we are not in a position to invest in what is an extremely costly and labor intensive process.  My first priority is the health of the business, which is the hand that keeps getting forced.  A TSO certification is meaningless if the company goes under.

The simple truth is this, I still plan on working on it, but I do not know if or when it will be done.  There are no guarantees as I am unable to see into the future at what hurdles will arise.  I cannot give a timeline as it would be a complete guess (and doing so has not served me well in the past).  The most I can promise is that we will continue to pursue it.  It is important to many of you, it is important to us too.

I recognize that many of you are frustrated, and rightfully so.  I'm sorry if any of you feel deceived or let down, that was never my intention, I have always tried to be open and honest in where we are and what we are doing.  I greatly appreciate the patience and understanding that we have received from the vast majority of our customers.  It's your kindness that keeps us going.

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