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Poor Quality Cable Delivery forces Back-order of Harmony

Posted by Brandon Lackey on

In our constant effort to improve the quality of our products, we recently transitioned to a new jacketing material for our cable assemblies in the Harmony line.  I received a sample run from Belden in March which both looked and performed well, after which I placed a production order to be delivered early July.

At the beginning of August, we finally received our production shipment of cable from Belden.  To my horror, the production cable we received was significantly different from the sample.  It had serious cosmetic issues which eluded to potential production problems that made me question the overall integrity of the cable.  I will not ship product that does not meet my quality standards, therefore, I had to reject this cable shipment.

After going many, many rounds with Belden looking for alternative solutions, I have been left with no choice but to wait until the end of September for Belden to produce replacement stock.  I have tried every possible avenue and there is simply no faster option than to wait for Belden to correct their mistake.  

My sincere apologies for the situation, I am doing everything I can to remedy as quickly as I can.  I will try to keep the website updated as much as possible.

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