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May Harmony Update

Posted by Brandon Lackey on

After a successful run with the prototypes and locating suitable components, we are entering the very end of the design phase.

I have successfully built and tested both an iPhone and Android application cord. I have added an inline button to the cord set to allow the Harmony to receive/hang up a phone calls with the push of a button. Unfortunately, the Harmony will not pass the MFi program with Apple, so it will be unable to use Apple's proprietary control. However, the single push button will allow the user of iOS devices to receive/hang up phone calls, pause/play audio, skip forward and skip backwards tracks. Android control varies by the application, all devices will allow at least receive/hang up control, further functionality will depend upon the specific application, many applications will support the same control scheme as the iOS system.

I am working as quickly as I can to iron out the last issues. It feels like a lot of hurry up and wait dealing with overseas suppliers (which is the source of most of the delay). Unfortunately, we will not meet our Spring estimate as June is just around the corner. The possibility of July is fading, but August is still looking possible. I hate to have to say it's another delay, but that is simply the reality of the situation. However, I am really happy with the way the product is shaping up and I know all of you will like it too. Your patience will be rewarded, that I promise.

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