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Harmony TSO Certification update

Posted by Brandon Lackey on

We are fully planning on getting the Harmony TSO Certified with the FAA.  However, in order to keep from having to do expensive retesting and time-consuming re-submission of documentation with the FAA, the product needs to be in it's final form.  I believe we have made all necessary revisions to the product, but some of the revisions are fairly new and I want to give them a little bit of time in the real world environment to make sure all the bugs are worked out.

If everything goes well, I will be starting the TSO testing and application process in the next couple of months.  We are already running the product through our FAA approved QA program, and have received permission to retroactively TSO certify all Harmony products ship thus far.  Some headsets may require updating to meet the tested TSO specifications, there will be no charge to update components.

The TSO certification process of the Harmony will be the same as the A100T.  We will need to have all components in hand for testing and labeling, this includes the headphones, Harmony Headphone Cable, Microphone Boom, and Aviation Application Cable.

We will only be TSO certifying the QC25 version of the headset, as well as future versions.  We will not be TSO certifying the QC15 because it is a discontinued product and too many compromises would need to be made that negatively affect the performance of the QC25 version and future products.

I will post more updates to the news feed as they become available.

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