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Harmony TSO Certification Status (updated Jan 2)

Posted by Brandon Lackey on

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Acquire TSO Manufacturer License 1.5 Years Complete
Acquire TSO Testing Requirements - Complete
Acquire Specialized Test Equipment 2 Months Complete
Perform Baseline Performance Testing 3 weeks2 In Progress1
Perform Trained Listener Testing 1 Month
Build Fixtures for Environmental Tests In Progress1
Perform Environmental Testing 2 Weeks2
Prepare Documentation 3 Weeks2 In Progress1
Submit TSO Article Application to FAA -
Receive response from FAA on Application ≤ 45 Days3
Estimated time till completion 14 Weeks2

1: This step is performed concurrently with others.
2: Estimated time
3: Response time as quoted by FAA

Update Jan 2

The baseline performance testing has proven to be more complicated and required more equipment than originally anticipated.  I have completed several tests but some are still proving troublesome.  I am still making progress, but it is difficult to quote an accurate timeframe at this time.


Update Nov 2

Added chart to show current status.


Update Oct 19

There are three tentpoles to TSO certification of our product.  Performance testing, environmental testing, and manufacturing certification.  We currently have our manufacturer's certification and only need to do the performance and environmental testing of the Harmony line.

Performance Requirements:  I was falsely led to believe that the TSO requirements we used to certified the original UFM were still current.  However, there are new testing criteria with significantly more requirements in regards to Active Noise Reduction headsets.  This includes the requirement for highly sophisticated and specialized testing equipment that I have just recently acquired.  I am now working on getting our baseline performance testing completed before moving on to the environmental testing.

Environmental Requirements:  I had all products tested against the previous environmental standards a few months back when I still erroneously believed the standards were still current.  Everything passed flawlessly.  While the new requirements have changed little in regards to the environment, there are now requirements for some of the performance testing to be done immediately following environmental tests.  Basically, I will need to redo much of this testing, but after passing the first time, I believe it will easily pass again.

Manufacturer's Certification:  We are currently a fully certified TSO manufacturer with an approved quality assurance program.

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