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BOSE's new QuietComfort & QuietComfort Ultra

Posted by Brandon Lackey on

BOSE just released two new headphones, the "QuietComfort" which is superseding the "QuietComfort 45" and the "QuietComfort Ultra" which is superseding the 700.

We have received and tested the new QuietComfort that is replacing the QC45.  The new headphone is physically identical to the QC45 and our current product that fits the QC45 also fits and functions with the new QCs.  The only changes appear to be a 2 hour longer battery life and more EQ settings, otherwise, it is identical to the QC45, warts and all.

QuietComfort Ultra:
We did not make a product compatible with the BOSE 700 becuase it's form factor did not provide a way to secure the microphone assembly to the headphone other than just the 2.5mm jack.  I was concerned that this would too easily allow a microphone assembly to twist and turn putting undue stress on the plug.  The new Ultra is slightly different, but appears to use a lot of the limiting design techniques from the 700.

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